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WIPs… January 2015

Copper leaf on steel, mixed media metal painting by Kate Richards.

Work. In. Progress. Henceforth, referred to as WIPs (singular, WIP). I like to make up words. It’s a hobby. What I’m working on, at the moment:   In other news…working with Epson on some cool stuff. They are using a painting of mine to demonstrate their spiffy metallic printing process, and the painting and prints are […]


The night studio.

The Night Studio

Oddly enough, my favorite time of the day to work is twilight. Is that weird? Probably. I can’t run my power tools, because: neighbors. (I annoy them enough with that and squabbling chickens during the day). And the light isn’t great for painting, but…the light is so great. The big old grapefruit tree in the garden […]

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Mixed media metal artist Kate Richards.

Hello. Is it Me You’re Looking For?

My first post (Cheers! Clinky.) Welcome to my blog, and welcome to my art. Here are some things you should know before we begin: #1–I’m going to throw a lot of color at you. I love color. I crave color. I often stop to stare at things and ponder their color (Side bar: this is why […]

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